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The leading generation

Aims to diverting students' attention from education to student learning, and from receiving information to processing it, and from  separate knowledge of each subject to the integration of knowledge and from reliance on the written word as a source of knowledge to the use of many sources of learning and knowledge vessels .To achieve this , it was incumbent upon  the schools to provide their developmental project (the leading generation project ) in the light of an integrated , flexible curriculum that is harmonious with the spirit of the modern times ,via the most effective teaching methods in order to achieve the modern techniques –supported partnership with teachers in the light of a system of evaluation, accountability and community participation in order to prepare a generation that is capable of qualifying himself to follow-up the fruits of international civilization and partake in it .

 The leading generation curricula depend upon analysis, activation and connectivity rather than description narration and report. Measurement and evaluation are achieved by the student's participation in evaluating himself by adopting scientific methodology in recording and documenting evidences, objectivity and transparency to jot down his level . One of the methods of evaluating student's performance is what we call (student's achievement file) which is a meaningful and systematic compilation of the student's educational achievements within a specified time period.

 The practical and technical side in the leading generation project includes:

• practical experiments:

 Experiments through which students put their grips on special laws of one specific subject. They also develop their concept of scientific experiments
• sensor equipment :
. a group of high quality digital instrumentation. The schools have contracted with major international companies to produce scientific digital instrumentation and train teachers to conduct experiments. Some experiments have been formulated into our curricula to conform to the use of modern technology. Also new ones have been designed by our students on themes existing in our curricula

The student chooses one single way to deal with data out of ten different ways to reach on the same conclusions reached by famous scientists before .


.Hypothetical laboratories:  

Where students can conduct experiments no matter how complex or dangerous they might be by the computer that generates images, sounds, and other effects that constitute a hypothetical world easy to deal with. 
• Practical bags :  

Contain mini-laboratory tools that enable students to conduct experiments individually or collectively  . 
• Mechatronics  laboratory

Where students study scientific curricula via adopting learning through projects . The mechatronics is a projects that aims to refine students skills in:

 achitecture, engineering and communications 
 sciences of mathematics and physics 
- The science of robots (related to the high school). 
• Manuals lab :

Where maths is taught via using manuals to helps students understand mathematical relationships and link them with real life .

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