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Student Counseling

Student Affairs:

         On behalf of the entire Student Affairs staff, we invite you to take a few minutes to explore this page and discover the many outstanding services and experiences that are offered at Al-Andalus Schools.


         Division of Student Affairs seeks to collaborate widely throughout the school to help all students achieve their full personal and academic potential. We work with our colleagues in other divisions to ensure access to both higher learning and effective support services that enable all students to succeed. Student Affairs espouses a developmental view of services that obligates us and the school to pay careful attention to the development and formation of students as whole persons.


         In January 2015, Mr. Mohamed Gomaa was appointed as a Vice Principal for Student Affairs. He provides vision in the administration of a comprehensive range of services, policies and procedures related to Counseling, Activities, Admissions and strategically-related functions. 


Counseling Services:

All students at Al-Andalus receive a strong support system. In addition to individual subject teachers, who are available to students on a regular basis outside of class time, students can take advantage of services offered by various other members of the school faculty. Students can arrange for meetings with any one of the advisors described below: 


Student Counselor (Grade 1 to 3) grade (4 to 6), (grade 7 to 9) and grade (10 to 12)

The school has appointed a counselor for each 3 grades in order to give more care and devote more time for our students .Students are encouraged to talk with school counselors, teachers, Vice – Principals and the Head of School in order to learn about the curriculum and course offerings.  Students who seek help in a certain subject should work closely with their teacher and counselor who will create a development plan to facilitate success and to help prepare them for further studies. The school Social Counselor is available to assist students with a wide range of personal concerns including such areas as social, family, emotional or academic needs. Students who wish to meet with the counselor should contact the counselor directly for an appointment. We do not miss to have an academic counselor for grades 10 to 12 to guide students and help determining during their plans. 

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