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Student Activities

 Activities Coordinators

   The school has appointed two activities coordinators, one for elementary and one for high school  in order to give more care and devote more time for our students’ activities.


 Alandalus schools do care for students activities that contribute to the refinement and development of the their skills and serve the educational process. Annually, the schools organize the following :  

More than 400 sports and cultural programs. 
More than 150 scientific or recreational outings. 
More than 200 cultural and sports competitions. 

The schools also organize open days, visits to factories and companies, the annual marathon , the best students' contests  , the roll skater  , annual professional electronic  writer, Alandalus researcher , periodic the English language contest , the Holy Quran Competition, the Sunna competitions, the soapy playground competitions , the contest of the Holy names of Allah., the most beautiful classroom competition, Cup of educational excellence, the program of "You reap what you grow" , the program of my talent in poetry, rhetoric , the story , calligraphy and painting, generations contact competition, scientific inventions, competition, competition for the best scientific research, and many, many others.


Extracurricular Activities:

 we would like you to have a look at some samples of the activities held in the Diploma

 • Umrahin Mecca (Grades 4-12)

 • Trip to Madina

 • Field Trips (KAUST Museum, Local Businesses, New Airport)

 • Science Fair

 • Spelling Bee

 • Math, ACMAS, Mechatronics Competitions.

 • Dammam and Riyadh trips

 • Math Assembly Competition 

 • Art Fair

 • Many more Quran and Arabic programs


 Diploma Clubs:

These are cultural, sports and social clubs held on Wednesday and Thursday each week, from the five to nine in the evening . They consist of:

- A cultural , educational and recreational program that targets our students and aims to creating an educational environment that combines comfort and interest to constitute a base  for tomorrow's generation , a generation which possesses the qualifications of leadership and success in his future.

- Computer and the Internet club to develop students' the talents. It is related to the middle and high school –

 -The Karate Club aims to increase the skills of students in the arts of self-defense. It is confined to the middle stage students.

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