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In order to spread out the integration of technology in education, "Massar" Project was carried out last year. The philosophy of the project is based on the notion of the active electronic learning. It was an excellent success story in which all the parts of the educational process were interacting in a modern, active, and electronic environment. Therefore, the activities of the project will be enlarged so that it can cover a wide range of teachers and students (all the details are on our website).

The general goal of the project   

The general goal of the project is expanding the educational and instructional benefits of the available modern technology tools or the ones that will be applied later.

"Interaction" Project

Al Andalus Schools accredit Goggle Apps in electronic learning

"Interaction" Project aims at making use of the different Goggle Apps for all the staff and the students in order to construct an interactional electronic environment among all the parts of the educational process. Al Andalus Schools accredit Goggle Apps in electronic learning and called that "Interaction" Project. The philosophy of the project is depending on the interaction among the different parties of instruction in a smart, electronic environment. The project is based on Goggle Apps which are a group of complete applications; they help communication and they are available online. Gmail is considered the basics of these applications; its size is doubled; it has a messenger by which we can chat instantaneously. Moreover, Documents are for editing, sharing word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and spread sheets. Furthermore, Calendar is for organizing tasks professionally. In addition, Sites help to construct internet websites and share them among different groups. There is also an availability to surf using cell phone, IPhone, and Black Berry.

The training department hold, jointly with "Massar" Project, an introductory meeting for the males and females staff. After that, there were many training sessions for the males and females teachers aiming at mastering the required skills for dealing with that technology.

The moving exhibition for "Massar" Project…Creativity and Innovation  

Through the official launch of "Massar" Project, the project team hold some exhibitions that were moved between different stages and sections including Girls' Section and our branch in Taif. Those exhibitions aimed at explaining simply the notion of Goggle Apps for all the staff and students and answering all the related questions. Hundreds of the staff,  students, and visitors -who are working in the educational field- participated and appreciated those activities. You can find a video, on the project's channel on YouTube, about that exhibition; you can enter that channel via our website.

 "Openness" Project 

This project aims at keeping in touch with universities, and local and international establishments to build a partnership with them. So our gifted students in the IT field can have support from those establishments in order to get IT professionals in the future. 

 "Al Andalus On-Line"

They are Al Andalus channels on the social communication websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and blogs. You can visit all these channels on our website (the main page).

"Massar" Project announces the start of smart Teacher team

This Project aims at preparing a team of specialized teachers in the field of E-Learning, who are able to support their colleagues in their majors, via improving their skills, having international certificates, and practical experiences. 25 males and females teachers were selected to join the smart Teacher team. That team is one of the teams that will have a technical training with international accreditation to be able to develop the next stage of the interactional E-Learning in our schools. "Massar" Project announced, in a cheerful celebration with the attendance of the schools' administration, the names of the smart Teacher team and its role in the next stage. Furthermore, Dr. Ali Jordan, from the Jordanian University, spoke and highlighted the role of our schools in E-Learning asking the members of the smart Teacher team to shoulder the great responsibility waiting them.

"Richness" Project

The project aims at preparing a digital content and making it available for students and teachers through publishing CDs periodically. Four CDs and a bank of useful sites and tools were published this year; you can have a look at the sites bank on our website.

 "Richness" Project… A  Great Start

In order to renew what we started last year, the project has published a "Richness Links Library" on Google website after categorizing it in a menu called "Richness" which contains hundreds of links. These links are the most important tools and websites that are useful for the both the teachers and students in different majors; they are categorized according to subject with a short description.  Massar Gathering"

It is an annual gathering in which the most important ideas, technical tools, and how to activate them  are displayed. In addition, the E-Learning culture is broadcasted. Moreover, all those who interact with the project will be praised. Further, some international experts in this field will be  invited. 

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